CSKNet is a network rather than a club, that is we don’t have membership fees, a constitution or elected officers.
We use e-mail, this web site, facebook & Sporty for contact with  ‘members’.
There are organised trips and an annual training weekend. These are all free.
‘Members’ give their time to provide CSKNet services.

To become a member you need to provide your e-mail address to the notice sender or to the Club Contact.

Advertising is limited to members selling their gear, the occasional sale or new shop opening so that you know where to get the latest gear.

Other than “acts of God” (see the film staring Billy Connolly, “The Man Who Sued God” ), you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. If conditions are such that you are not willing to paddle solo, be prepared to not go, or to turn back. Always let those paddling with you know your decision.

Monthly Meetings
Where:  PaddlerZone, 311 Blenheim Road
When:  Third Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.30 p.m. (not December, January, February or March)

Wednesday Morning Paddle
Meet at CASS BAY each Wednesday morning, on the water 9.30 a.m. .
Bring morning tea and something to drink – back at Cass Bay around midday.

Wednesday Evening Paddle – 6.00pm (on the water 6.30pm)
See the Documents tab for the pdf version of the 2018 – 2019 summer (daylight Saving period) paddling programme, often meeting at Cass Bay. Includes some weekend trips.


NZ ARMY Military Exercise

25 March – 12 April 2019

The public is advised that a NZ army exercise will be taking place in the Lyttelton Harbour and surrounding area from 8am, 25 March to 4pm, 12 April 2019.

The exercise will involve up to 60 personnel of 3rd Field Squadron, 2nd Engineer Regiment, from Burnham Military Camp.Training will involve the movement of soldiers, vehicles and boats by day and night.

The exercise will include boating navigation and watermanship skills training with soldiers in and around the Cass Bay and Lyttelton Harbour area.

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