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CSKNet is a network rather than a club, that is we don’t have membership fees, a constitution or elected officers.

We use e-mail, this web site and the Sporty website for contact with  ‘members’. There is also a facebook site and it is now open-to-view –
CSKNet facebook

There are organised trips and an annual training weekend. These are all free.

‘Members’ give their time to provide CSKNet services.

To become a ‘member’, to receive notices of meetings and events, you need to provide your e-mail address to the notice sender or to the Club Contact.

Advertising is limited to members selling their gear, the occasional sale or new shop opening so that you know where to get the latest gear.

Other than “acts of God” (see the film staring Billy Connolly, “The Man Who Sued God” ), you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. If conditions are such that you are not willing to paddle solo, be prepared to not go, or to turn back. Always let those paddling with you know your decision.

Monthly Meetings 

Due to Covid-19 lock-downs these have not been run. Announcement of meetings is by email to those who have registered (free).

Wednesday Morning Paddle 
Meet at CASS BAY each Wednesday morning, on the water 9.30 a.m. .
Bring morning tea and something to drink – back at Cass Bay around midday.

Wednesday Evening Paddle (Summer time)
Meet at various places – 6.00 p.m. (on the water 6.30 p.m.)
See the Documents tab for the pdf version of the 2019 – 2020 summer (daylight Saving period) paddling programme, often meeting at Cass Bay. Includes some weekend trips.

Dawn, Lyttelton Harbour – by J K-A

Material on this site is copyleft.
This means you can use it freely and edit it if you wish but not charge for it.

Copyleft is a type of license that attempts to ensure that the public retains the freedom to use, modify, extend and redistribute a creative work and all derivative works (i.e. works based on or derived from it) rather than to restrict such freedoms.

NOTE – some of the material on this website is also on the KASK website, most of it there with broken links and missing pages. KASK claim to own outright anything on their website.

They don’t.

There is the claim that their material is “By Jacquie James”. All of it was written a decade before she ever knew what a kayak was.

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